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When are all the classes?

Classes start on Tuesday Sept 26th and continue every Tuesday evening for 10 weeks. Each class starts at 7:00pm and last approximately 2 hours. Complete list of dates below:
Tuesday Sept 26, 2017
Tuesday Oct 3, 2017
Tuesday Oct 10, 2017
Tuesday Oct 17, 2017
Tuesday Oct 24, 2017
Tuesday Oct 31, 2017*
Tuesday Nov 7, 2017
Tuesday Nov 14, 2017
Tuesday Nov 21, 2017
Tuesday Nov 30, 2017
*May reschedule due to Halloween

What if I can't attend all the classes?
We understand that our lives are busy and we may not always be able to attend the scheduled classes. If you miss a class, we can always arrange for you to attend the same class when the course is next offered (start date TBD). The only class we ask that you try not to miss is the 10th week when you will be given an opportunity to present your Marketing Plan to a panel of music industry professionals. There are no refunds for missed classes.

Can I attend just the classes/topics I want to?
If the class does not fill to capacity, we will consider opening the doors up for people to attend one off topics/classes. The fee to attend a 'One Off Class' is $75.00. Arrangements to attend a 'One Off Class' must be made and approved prior to the class. No drop ins.

Who is facilitating this course?
All 10 weeks are scheduled to be facilitated by Danny Fournier from Oddball Productions, with a panel of music industry professionals attending the class in the 10th week to assist with evaluating the Marketing Plan presentations.
Who is Danny Fournier? Danny Fournier is a marketing expert with over 15 years working within the music industry, including 5 years with a major label. With university degrees in both Marketing and Sociology, Danny brings a unique perspective to marketing with a strong understanding of the needs of the end user and how to engage them. Along with his music and business background, Danny has worked as a corporate trainer, facilitating and write courses for corporate audiences. Danny has been commended for his facilitation skills and understanding of adult learning. For more information on Danny Fournier and Oddball Productions CLICK HERE

How do you register/apply for this course?
Complete and submit the application form found on our webpage HERE. Space is limited.

How can we pay for the course?
Payment can be made via:
e-transfer (sent to oddball@oddballproductions.ca)
VISA or Mastercard

If you have any other questions, let us know.