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Oddball Productions is a label service provider based in Edmonton, Alberta that has worked with a wide variety of clients from independent artists to major label acts.

Oddball Productions offers a wide variety of label services including single and album release campaigns, radio promotion and tracking, online distribution, playlist placements, music consulting and development, special event planning & promotion, social media marketing, web design, grant writing, publishing and more.

In a continually changing industry, Oddball Productions is made up of forward thinkers, always looking for that new opportunity or emerging trends that will help artists get their music heard by more people. Our passion is introducing people to new music, so we are continually looking for new ways to help an artist to connect with their audience.

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"The music game has always been a jungle. But over the last ten years, it's become more complex and confusing. As an artist, where do you start? Where can you ask for advice? How can you effectively compete with the millions of other people vying for the attention of the music fan? Start right here. There's a lot to learn."
Alan Cross, broadcaster/writer/professional music geek

"Danny Fournier was instrumental in the physical creation and distribution of our maiden EP. Releasing a CD was completely uncharted waters for us, waters that Danny gave us guidance through. Danny has since provided us with the tools and resources with which we were able to market and push our product to a much greater audience than we would have been able to on our own."
Ryan Maier from Whale and the Wolf

"If you are a band looking for direction, Danny Fournier should be your first call. Oddball can guide a new band down the proper path."
Ryan Hachey from Shelbi

"Danny Fournier has been an incredible mentor, sounding board, marketing advisor, radio promoter and friend to REND and I. Every time I met up with Danny I grew more motivated, felt understood and was encouraged. He is a great addition to any musician in this crazy thing called the music business"
Carol-Lynne Quinn from REND

"It is always a pleasure to work with Danny Fournier from Oddball Productions, he is one of the few people left that is still in the business for the love of the music, which is hard to find these days"
Crispen Earl from The Veer Union

"Danny Fournier loves introducing people to new music. He works tirelessly with artists to develop a plan that helps them find new and build on existing opportunities. At radio, online or at live events, Danny helps artists build a brand, business and plan that effectively generates awareness. This is particularly valuable for developing artists as they navigate the ever-changing music business. Danny is a particular active member of the Alberta music community, continually striving to educate, share, advocate and promote music on the artists' behalf. In addition to being an incredibly valuable support for Porch Swing Entertainment and our artists, I have seen many of the artists that Danny is working with directly achieve success and growth due to his tireless efforts. I'd be lost with out him!"
Laurie Brown, Artist Manager, Porch Swing Entertainment

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