Every artist is different and that is why Oddball Productions takes the time to work with artists and their teams, to build short-term and long-term strategic plans that focus on the artists own unique goals, needs and budgets.

Radio promotions
More than just 'radio tracking', not only do we ensure your music gets to the right people at the right radio stations, but through weekly phone calls, e-mails, and even personal visits, we ensure the Music Directors and Program Directors across Canada are aware of what you are doing and why they should be playing your music. We have built relationships with radio people at all mainstream Canadian formats, which also include the Satellite Networks, College/Community radio, a growing handful of key online radio shows and podcasts and have even started to branch out into U.S. Radio.

Online Distribution
With our partners, Music-On-Demand.ca we help get your music online and for sale through some of the major online music retailers, like iTunes as well as a handful of other key online music options (Google Play, Rdio, Spotify and more) Not only do we help you deliver your music to online resources, we also help you sell it, helping you build online campaigns to drive traffic to where your music is available. We also offer 'bundling' options where you can use the proceeds from your online sales to pay for the other services we provide. Make your music work for you.

Artists Development
There is no such thing as a school or coarse you can take that will teach you how to 'make it' in the music industry. It does not matter at what point of your career you are at, there is always an opportunity to learn more and find new ways to build your audience and develop yourself. We work with you as consultants helping you find the right path, and channel for your music, sharing years of experience in the music industry and as a marketing and promotional experts. We know how to get you to the next level, even if you don't know what the next level is.

Brand Development
When we talk about Brand Development, we are talking about two different things. The first is working with an artist to help them create their own distinct brand. Having your own brand helps to make you stand out and engage others. It gives you a unique voice and helps you to increase exposure and build an audience. The second side is developing relationships with established brands. We are continually looking for opportunities to partner with established brands in mutually beneficially audience growing endeavors.

Digital Marketing
The online environment is continually changing and what worked for one may not work for another. We work with you to develop your own distinct online presence that includes ongoing social networking and community development, branding, and other engaging activities to help maintain a consistent presence, while increasing exposure.

Webpages, album covers and even posters. We can help create/design engaging and stimulating content that aligns with your brand. To check out some of our work CLICK HERE.