Every artist is different and that is why Oddball Productions takes the time to work with artists and their teams, to build short-term and long-term strategic plans that focus on the artists own unique goals, needs and budgets.

Radio promotions
The music industry is a rapidly changing landscape, but even with these changes radio is still the number one place for people to discover new music and artists. Radio itself has changed. Traditional commercial radio stations still play a big role but other forms like, internet and satellite radio have broadened the landscape and created new opportunities for new music to be heard. Radio promotion and tracking has also changed. No two artists are alike, so neither should their radio campaigns be. We work directly with the artists to build a radio campaign and strategy that makes sense for that artist's goals, plans and needs are.

Marketing & Brand Development
Much like the music industry has changed, so has how we market music and create awareness. The music industry is immensely competitive and good marketing is essential for anyone looking to turn their art into a successful career. More than just posting on social media and hoping to get on some key playlists, a marketing plan understands who you are, who you are targeting provides a strategy to reach that audience, create awareness, building your brand and using it to entice your target audience and convert them into loyal fans.

Online Distribution & Playlist Placement
Making your music available online is easier than ever. There are a variety of options available that will help you get your music on Spotify, Apple Music, Google Play and many more, but making it so that your music is available on these services is just one step. How will people know to go to these services to get your music if you don't tell them it is there. Not only can we help you get your music online, but we will work with you to build an online strategy to help you increase streams and downloads once it is online. Your music is already online? We can still help you build awareness and increase activity online. With our growing list of Playlist Curators that we are working with, we will help you find the right playlists for you to be on, playlists that are targeting the same audience as you, playlists that the people you want listening to your music are already following.

Artist Development & Project Management
Artists should never stop learning. In a continually changing music environment it can be hard to know what your next step should be, whether you're just starting out or if you are a seasoned veteran. Oddball Productions can help with everything from one off events to full blown ongoing campaigns, tours and strategic plans that can run throughout the entire year. We want to see you succeed and whether we're working directly with you or simply consulting on what to do next, we want to help you reach your goals.

Grant Writing
Grants are a great way to help artists record their music, shoot a video, tour domestically or abroad and take that next step in their career. But which grants are available to artists and what exactly can they be used for? Oddball Productions has helped a handful of artists secure funding from FACTOR and The Alberta Foundation For The Arts and others. We can help you ensure all the right pieces are in place, guide you through the process and work with you to build a plan, not only for the application but that can be applied and executed towards helping you take those next steps in your career.

Webpages, EPKs (Electronic Press Kits), album covers and even posters. These are all tools to help create awareness, engage your audience and support your message and brand. We can help create/design engaging and stimulating content that will appeal to your target audience and aligns with your brand. To check out some of our work CLICK HERE.