Every artist is different and that is why Oddball Productions takes the time to work with artists and their teams, to build short-term and long-term strategic plans that focus on the artists own unique goals, needs and budgets.

Radio Promotion
Oddball Productions offers full-service radio promotion, targeting Top 40, Rock, Modern Rock, Hot AC, Country, Adult Contemporary and College/Community radio formats. Because no two artists are the same, we believe no two radio campaigns should be the same. We work directly with the artists to build a customized radio campaign and strategy that makes sense for the artist's goals, plans and needs.

NEW SERVICE: Online Radio Campaigns. Online radio stations have a very dedicated, engaged listenership. Many are now properly license and are being tracked. This is opportunity artists should not be ignoring.
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Strategic Marketing Plans & Brand Development
The music industry is immensely competitive and good marketing is essential for anyone looking to turn their art into a successful career. With over 20 years of experience in Music Marketing, Oddball Productions knows that it takes more than being active on social media and hoping to maybe get your music on some key playlists. An effective marketing plan understands who you are, who you are targeting, and provides a strategy to reach that audience.

NOT JUST MUSIC MARKETING: Oddball Productions' team has done, been involved with or consulted on marketing projects for Protor & Gamble (FeBreeze), Servus Credit Union, Shaw Communications, Wizard Comics, The Edmonton Music Awards, The Movie Jerks (Podcast), Union Station, Powersound Studios, Music4MS Foundation, Real Canadian Wrestling, Jezibelle Comics, and more. Need help with your business? Let us know.

Artist Development & Project Management
Artists should never stop learning. In a continually changing music environment it can be hard to know what your next step should be, whether you're just starting out or if you are a seasoned veteran. Oddball Productions can help with everything from one off events to full blown ongoing campaigns, tours and strategic plans that can run throughout the entire year. We want to see you succeed and whether we're working directly with you or simply consulting on what to do next, we want to help you reach your goals.

Even MORE...
Oddball Productions is committed to artists and project development at the highest standard. Our goal is to help artists and independent music companies become self-sufficient. Even in a Do It Yourself world, there will still be some things you can't do yourself. That's where we come in. Here is a list of other services we offer:
Online Distribution
Social Media Campaigns
Public Relation
Playlist Placement
Grant Writing
Festival Applications
Design (webpage, EPK, album graphics, posters, and more)
Consulting (Music Industry, Business Development, Leadership and more)

Not sure how Oddball Productions can help you? Perfect! That is the number one reason why you should contact us. With all of our clients, our working relationship started with a simple meeting. We talked about what Oddball does, the artist share what they're working on and what their goals are and then we talked about how Oddball could help them. We know that every artist is different and we want to find out what makes you different, that way we can find out what is the best way we can help you. CONTACT ODDBALL NOW